About Us

What is Hella Positive?

Hella Positive is a grass-roots movement grown out of the Bay Area, California. Hella Positive is dedicated to encouraging Hella Positive thinking, interaction and being a hella positive member of the community. Since 2011, Hella Positive has distributed over 10,000 Hella Positive stickers locally and nationally. With a word-of-mouth and gorilla marketing strategy, hella positive has become a popular brand and saying in the Bay Area. The phrase “Hella Positive” includes the Bay Area created word “Hella” which represents and speaks to the lifestyle and sentiments of northern California and means "very or a lot". (Yes, we create our own words here in the Bay Area). The word “positive” in this context means a positive outlook or attitude.

What does Hella Positive mean to other people?

Hella Positive has become a source of inspiration for many people. Whether they have a Hella Positive wristband on, or a sticker strategically placed on their laptop or car.. people have found inspiration in the reminder to stay “hella positive”. In a world inundated by negativity, Hella Positive has been a refreshing and reenergizing sentiment that many people have brought into their lives for the inspiration, energy and community. For the people that were looking for something positive, just the idea of positivity has helped.


What’s next for Hella Positive?

Global outreach. We have all the feedback we need to know that The Hella Positive Movement is a global movement. As we grow the brand and clothing line, the movement expands and the community grows stronger and more expansive. One day there will be a global community of Hella Positive people, unified by the Hella Positive gear they wear and the attitudes they carry.